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Complementary Therapies with Jayne Ogden

Distance Reiki

Receiving a distance Reiki healing energy session is a convenient way to enhance the quality of your life without leaving the comfort of your home. Itís power as a remote energy healing technique is equal to that of Reiki hands-on energy healing treatments.

Although the term "healing" is most often associated with Reiki distant healing, one does not need to be ill or in trouble to experience the positive effects or Reiki remote healing.

By activating distance healing the energy will go to the part of the body which needs it most. In long distance healing the energies work on the subtle body of the person like the Chakras and the Aura. It does not work directly on the physical body of the person. In long distance healing energies take time to work on the physical body and ease physical pain.

To receive distance healing it is best to book an appointment and make sure you are in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Before a treatment clients receive a telephone consultation as it may be that there is a specific issue which needs working on and this will help to focus the direction and intensity of the energy.

Clients who receive distance healing can often sense what has been done.

Important Note Please remember that Reiki is not a substitute for any medical advice and treatment. Reiki Healers are not trained in medical or veterinarian diagnosis. If you are concerned about your symptoms you should see your doctor or refer the animal to your Vet.