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Complementary Therapies with Jayne Ogden

Indian Head Massage

This form of massage goes back over 4,000 years passed down from generation to generation as a natural part of family life and every day grooming rituals. Originally this technique was used by Indian women to condition their scalp and hair and then it was adopted by barbers who added to the techniques to include more massage-based techniques, moving down to include the neck and shoulders.

The additional benefits of extending the treatment were recognised by a physiotherapist, Narendra Mehta, some years ago who crafted the technique even further to become the rounded treatment we know today.

It helps to relax the muscles and can provide relief from mental and emotional stress. It is beneficial for de-stressing the whole body

helping to disperse toxins from tense and knotted muscles

improving blood circulation in previously congested muscles

stimulating lymphatic drainage and helping to oxygenate the brain.

It also helps to

reduce the effects of eyestrain


jaw ache

clear the cause and symptoms of sinusitis

headaches, and

encourages a good nights sleep.

Indian Head and Shoulder massage effects are not just physical, but works on an emotional level too, calming the spirit.

A treatment involves working on the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, head, ears and face with a firm but gentle rhythm to un-knot blockages, clear and drain fluid build up and relieve the uncomfortable build up of muscular tension.