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Physical & Emotional Well-Being

Complementary Therapies with Jayne Ogden

Office-Based Massage

If you really don’t have time to leave your office then this treatment is an ideal solution. All you need is somewhere you can close the door, turn off the phone and devote 30 short minutes to yourself and enjoy the benefits of an Indian Head Massage.

What is it good for?

• back pain and shoulder problems

• stress related disorders

• migraines

• sinus problems

• headaches

• general aches and pains related to stress

What difference does it make?

• concentration levels will be higher

• you will feel revitalised and full of energy

• headaches and eye strain will reduce


The best way to understand the benefits of an on-site treatment is to set aside 30 minutes to experience it for yourself. To book an appointment simply complete the enquiry form or telephone 07876 742994.