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Complementary Therapies with Jayne Ogden

Theta DNA Healing

This is an extremely gentle, but highly effective, form of healing which works at the most fundamental of all levels to simply and easily change the way you feel about things by simply “pulling” the old and limiting belief and replacing it with a new and better one. Often you may hear people talk about “getting to the root of the problem” and simply put this is what Theta DNA healing is all about.

Whatever you want to change, improve or strengthen in your life - fears, anxiety and worry; phobias; addictions; stress; lack of confidence, self-love, self-worth; relationships; finances; career; illness; general unhappiness – Theta DNA Healing can change and heal it. It's that simple!

Using very gentle and sensitive combination of guided questioning and muscle-testing technique Theta digs right down to the roots of the problem, and once there pulls out old or mis-held beliefs and replaces them with the beliefs that work for you. By making these tiny changes, bigger and bigger changes happen as a matter of course, transforming and expanding your perception of “what might be” into “what is”.

It is not always easy to explain the amazing results that Theta can achieve given the constraints of the written word. Perhaps the best way to understand what Theta could do for you is to speak to someone who has experienced and benefited from a Theta healing session. To arrange a telephone reference simply give me a call and I will set this up for you.